• About Us
    KUMARAN started out in a very small way back in 1956 producing hand feed ruling machines catering to the cottage INDUSTRY PRIDUCING EXERCISE NOTEBOOKS a count now in thousands over the 58 year period is a product engineering company involved in the design,development and manufacture of machinery for the STATIONARY MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY. In particular for the EXCERCISE NOTEBOOK INDUSTRY since 1956 providing an iron lad guarantee on performance.
  • We are known for
    Innovative and firmly grounded engineering expertise, coupled with long-standing practical experience in notebook making technology, we have brought our machines to the forefront of technology at national and international level. A wide range of development projects, based on the requirements of cutting-edge application technologies, ensure that KUMARAN expertise in development and product not only matches the rapid pace of progress, but is always one step ahead!
  • Our vision
    Our vision is to be a global leader in the exercise notebook machinery manufacture and visualization of absolute quality, which enables our users and commercial customers to maximize employee effectiveness and productivity, reduce unscheduled downtime, minimize the risk of unwanted service and increase production quality.